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Hotlashes Pro

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Welcome to the world of Eyelash Extensions! Hotlashes is thrilled to announce their own product line after an lengthy research period for the best lashes, and the most incredible high grade medical eyelash adhesive.

Hotlashes eyelash extension adhesive won Top 5 Adhesive in the World from LashInc. This adhesive has been approved by Health Canada, and it is similar to the adhesive doctors use to close wounds on skin.

There are different kinds of eyelash extensions. The most popular extensions are called ‘singles’. This is when one eyelash extension is applied to one natural EYELASH. But watch out!!! Volume lashes are taking the world by storm! Also called 3d, 4d, 5d, and 6d lashes, this is where 3-6 finer, fluffier lashes are applied to one natural EYELASH. When treated properly (yes, you’ll have a homework sheet!) These lashes will last the entire cycle of your lash growth.


Eyelash Growth Cycles:

Your eyelashes have a three phase cycle; growing phase, resting phase, and shedding phase. These phases are different for everyone in duration but it is around 45-60 days for one hair to go through this cycle. As the lash is in the shedding phase, there is another lash behind it in the lash follicle pushing it out and ready for a new growth cycle! All your eyelash hairs are going through these cycles at various times…that is why not all of your eyelashes fall out at once, then a new set of eyelashes grow in 60 days! That is why it is important to come in for fills to make your eyelash extensions always looking full and fluffy!

Lash Styles:

There are different lashes to choose from. We carry synthetic mink, silk, semi synthetic, and strip lashes. The difference between mink and silk lashes is simply the way they are tapered. Mink lashes are tapered closer to the base, giving it a finer look and feel. We also carry different thicknesses per one lash; 0.05mm, all the way up to 0.20mm. This will determine how thick and full or whispy and natural you want your eyelashes to look on a daily basis

We carry different curls; J,B,C,CC,D,L curl. J curl is a straighter more natural curl and it go’s up from there, D curl being the most curly. You will never have to curl your lashes. L-curl, is for a specific eye that has more of a hooded eyelid, and the purpose is to open the eye up more. There are several lengths; 6mm-14mm. With your initial consultation we can decide what works best for your shape of eye and your final achieved look you want.